Ashlee Simpson Waits For Something Creative On Valentine's Day


ashlee-simpson-chicagoAshlee Simpson is waiting to be surprised on Valentine’s Day. She says her husband Pete Wentz pretty much does something unexpected every year.

She told OK! magazine, “Every Valentine’s Day is sweet. Pete’s very creative, so he’s always coming up with something clever and surprising me. Hopefully, I’ll surprise him this year.”

As for motherhood, Simpson loves it. She shared that 15-month-old Bronx does sign language and just likes to have fun.

“I love being a mother. We’re together all the time. Bronx is definitely finding himself, and he’s getting his own personality, so hide-and-seek, and new little things. He does sign language, so that’s been fun,” she gushed.

Regarding Bronx, nice to know he knows sign language. Did you teach your child how to sign?