Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Partying Before Split


ashlee simpson, pete wentz
Is Ashlee Simpson's Partying To Blame For Her Divorce?

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz sure wasn’t upset last Friday (Feb. 4) when considering the life-changing decision she was about to make. Just five days before filing for divorce from husband Pete Wentz, the 26-year-old star was spotted out partying away in Hollywood.

Simpson-Wentz hit up SGH’s Eden nightclub with three girlfriends at 1 AM. “She was drinking Grey Goose and Sugar-Free Red Bull all night,” the witness says. “She was laughing a ton,” adds the Eden observer. “She didn’t care who was around her…she was just there to have fun.”

Sources say that the divorce was a decision in the making. At issue, among other things: Ashlee’s “partying [and] being out of control,” the source says.

Do you think Ashlee is to blame for the divorce?