Ashlee Simpson's Rockin' Bikini - Bronx Mowgli, Donald Faison And CaCee Cobb Join In The Beach Fun! (Photos)

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson seen enjoying a day at the beach with son Bronx Mowgli and newlywed friends CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison while on vacation in Hawaii.

Ashlees’s mom Tina Simpson was seen on the beach holding a baby girl? I am not sure but it could be Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnsons baby girl Maxwell Drew?

The actress and singer was seen showing her toned body while wearing a bikini and playing in the surf with her son.

Friends CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison who have been dating for over 6 years recently got married in a secret ceremony while CaCee who was wearing a black string bikini was seen with a possible baby bump as she soaked up the sun

Did you go on a family vacation? Where did you go?

Check out the photos below!


  • Ashlee Simpson 1 of 16
    Ashlee Simpson
    Ashlee Simpson seen enjoying a day at the beach with son Bronx Mowgli.
  • Cover Up? 2 of 16
    Cover Up?
    Ashlee has on a mini coverup in purple!
  • Mix and Match! 3 of 16
    Mix and Match!
    Ashlee is amazingly toned wearing a bikini and playing in the surf with Bronx.
  • Opppahhhhh 4 of 16
    Bronx is loving all the fun he is having in the ocean!
  • CaCee Cobb 5 of 16
    CaCee Cobb
    The way CaCee is holing her bump I would not be surprised if there is an announcement soon!
  • Colors?? 6 of 16
    I love how Ashlee is wearing two different colored pieces of her swim suit!
  • March! 7 of 16
    Isn't it cute when you see grown ups enjoying the ocean!
  • Sunscreen? 8 of 16
    Mamma Bear Ashlee needs to make sure that Bronx is protected!
  • Curls! 9 of 16
    Bronx has the most precious boy curls!!!
  • Tina 10 of 16
    Whose baby is Tina holding?
  • Dad In Training? 11 of 16
    Dad In Training?
    Donald Faison who just got married to CaCee Cobb looks like he is ready to be a dad!
  • Muscles!!! 12 of 16
    Phew... Donald Faison has ABS!!!!
  • Action! 13 of 16
    That is no stunt-man, Donald is loving the water!
  • Toys? 14 of 16
    Looks like Tina can't just let the toys sit around!!!
  • One More! 15 of 16
    One More!
    It is the ... Are you really taking that photo of me?
  • Baby???? 16 of 16
    Could that be baby Simpson???

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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