Ashley Greene, Joe Jonas Break Up? Joe Jonas on Ashley Greene in Details Magazine

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Ashley Greene, Joe Jonas broke up!

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas broke up! The news of Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene’s break up comes just a day after the Joe Jonas Details magazine interview makes it sound like Joe and Ashley were heading to a wedding day.

Still, when you’re famous, there’s nothing like the old busy work schedules to drive a wedge into a relationship. A source told the NYPost that Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene’s split was “mutual and amicable.”

Still, in his Details magazine interview, Joe Jonas was quoted as saying, “I think what works about it is she really puts my feelings first. She understands my busy schedule.”

Joe is working on a solo album and Ashley has been filming Breaking Dawn.

Let the “Demi Lovato is glad Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas broke up” rumors (or the “Joe Jonas is gay” rumors) being in 3…2…1…