Ashley Tisdale Says Hilary Duff Will Be a Great Mom!

Hilary Duff will be a young Hollywood mom.

Hilary Duff is pregnant with her first child with husband Mike Comrie, and even though her baby bump is barely visible, she is still over the moon about the news! Hilary is only 23, but she seems grounded and ready to start a family with Mike. There are plenty of other young moms in Hollywood she can turn to for advice!

Hilary is good friends with High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, and Ashley commented on Hilary’s pregnancy to In Touch magazine.

She said, “I am just super, super-excited for her, and she’s so cute with Mike. They’re such a great couple, so I was really happy for them. She’s so tiny still. I don’t know if she’s showing that much but she’s so cute and adorable and absolutely gorgeous. She’s going to be a great mom.”

Even though Hilary Duff is a huge star, she’s never let her fame go to her head. She has always seemed like such a sweet girl, and there is no doubt that she will be a wonderful parent too!



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