Ashleys Attack on Real Housewife Danielle Staub - What Really Went Down


Ashley Holmes may not be a housewife but her recent actions and participation in the dramatic hi-jinx on the show is elevating her to starring cast member status.. And she’s a good fit, like all good Real Housewives, Jacqueline Laurita‘s 19 year old daughter, has a temper. And she’d not afraid to come to the defense of her mommy.

So what really prompted Ashley’s  extension pulled attack on Danielle Staub? Ashley wrote a very long and lengthy blog post for Bravo and dished all about that night.  She said she felt really uncomfortable after her “starring” contest with Danielle and opted to pack up and head home and “remove myself from the situation.” She said her goodbyes and headed to the Real Housewives production room to give back the mic she was wearing.

While she was taking it off she was watching the monitors and she saw the beginning of the confrontation between her mom and Teresa and their nemesis Danielle. She stated that,  “We were all on edge watching the monitors, and my adrenaline was already pumping from nerves.” Then all of a sudden all four of the monitors supposedly went blank but they could hear the audio which consisted of yelling, some glasses crashing and screaming. She left the production room to see what happened and saw Danielle running down the hall.  Then what really set Ashley off happened, someone told her “I think Danielle hit your mom.”  Those strong familiar bonds kicked in. But Ashley didn’t try to find her mom, instead headed straight for Danielle and went on the hair pulling attack. She added that, “If you paid attention to the scene of me right before I pulled Danielle’s hair, you see me just observing the situation outside. The camera zoomed in on my face and if it looked like I was terrified and about to throw up, it’s because I was.”

She says she acted “on impulse” and said (and the all caps are all her) “I AM NOT MAKING EXCUSES FOR MYSELF.” But her hatred for Danielle was not the only reason to pull her hair, it was the lead up of what had happened between the family  and the thought that Danielle had attacked her mother, she believed she was coming  to her moms defense.

An attack that really comes as no surprise. Ashley said, “Danielle said that we’re on a mission to get her or something. No hunnie. IF ANYONE has been on a mission, it has been Danielle trying screw with our lives. FAIL. She’s a miserable woman.”

Like a bad marriage, these ladies are stuck with each other. As participating in the show they are forced to interact, and have to write, tweet and basically talk smack about each other… “It’s part of the gig.”

But do you think Jacqueline should have had her daughter join in and be part of the chaos or should she have protected her from the madness?

Photo: BRAVO