Ashton Kutcher Cheating on Demi Moore: The Evidence


According to this week’s Star, Ashton didn’t just cheat by going to the club, having a few too many drinks and accidentally passing out another woman’s face. Instead his indiscretion has been ongoing and with one special lady, Brittney Jones, a 21 year old. The proof is in the textual pudding.

“When’s the next time you’re gonna have an empty house?” Brittney wrote to Ashton.

“Not sure,” he replied. “Maybe the end of the month.” He even added, “I’m w/ my daughter.”

To be fair this could be anything. On the flip side of still wrong, maybe she is his drug dealer and that’s why no one should be home?  However, the pair are also said to have had sex on a couch while Demi was off filming ‘LOL: Laughing Out Loud.’

While I would like to believe this story is false, People has also run a cover on it and this is the second week Star has published something. Ashton has threatened suing via Twitter, so the publications know what they are up against.

Ashton and Demi have been together since 2005. Do you think he cheated?