Ashton Kutcher Not Worried About Demi's Ability to Get Pregnant


Ashton Kutcher either needs to brush up on his facts about aging and fertility or he is confused that looking young on the outside somehow makes your chances of having a baby in your late 40s so much easier. Kutcher told ABC News Cynthia McFadden that he is not worried about Demi Moore, 47, being able to have a child because she is a “genetic freak.” So what are the realistic chances of a 47-year-old woman getting pregnant?

There is only a 5 percent chance that a 47-year-old would get pregnant within one year of trying to conceive according to this calculator. And according to a fertility expert, the chances are probably much slimmer. I don’t think how good you look is part of the equation.

When asked if he and Moore plan to have a biological child of their own, he said:

“I don’t know…I think my wife is a genetic freak,” he quipped. “I’m not worried.”

Maybe he was just being flip to an intrusive question, but I do think Hollywood seems to perpetuate the myth that having babies well into your 40s is a breeze.


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