Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Mistress Tried to Sell Story She Was Pregnant With His Baby

Brittney Jones and Ashton Kutcher
Brittney Jones

Brittney Jones, who allegedly had a brief affair with Ashton Kutcher, tried to sell a story that she was pregnant with his baby!

Brittney, 21, boasted that she became pregnant after having unprotected sex with Ashton, 32, on the couch at his Hollywood mansion, while Demi Moore was out of town.

“Brittney thought she was pregnant because her period was late for at least a month,” a source told

Does this girl have no shame?

Her manager and publicist tried to sell the story to a number of media outlets but after Jones discovered she was not pregnant, they squashed the deal.

Her team came up with a money-making plan to cash in and sell a story that she was pregnant with Ashton’s baby.

“In her mind, Brittney believed she was about to have Ashton Kutcher’s baby,” the source said.  “The story was pitched to different media outlets.”

One thing is certain – this woman is trying any which way to make a quick buck!

Some involved in the negotiations had serious questions about whether Brittney was pregnant or seeking fame and a whack of cash off her alleged affair.

“It was a blatant fabrication,” a source said.

She also had claimed Ashton and Demi have an open marriage and suggested the A-list couple also have “threesomes often”.

Through their lawyer, Ashton and Demi have denied any cheating took place.