Astrology Change: New Zodiac Signs 2011 Reason For Celebrity Engagements And Babies?

Astrology Change Reason For Celebrity Engagements & Babies?

The new Zodiac signs 2011 dates are causing quite an uproar online. While the new 13th Zodiac sign Ophiuchus is turning out to be fake to those who do not follow sidereal astrology, we can’t help but wonder if the astrology change has something to do with all of the celebrity engagements and babies-to-be that have popped up recently.

Whether the Ophiuchus horoscope is real or not, supposedly the Earth’s rotation has shifted, which could definitely cause the stars to realign as far as love connections go. It seems like every day we are hearing about another celeb being engaged or pregnant! Kate Hudson turned up pregnant earlier this week, while news of Selma Blair’s pregnancy came out today. Other new baby bumps include Natalie Portman and Victoria Beckham. Recently engaged celebrities include Reese Witherspoon…and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a bun in the over for her very soon!

What do you think? Are the new astrological signs 2011 to blame for Hollywood’s love fest?

Photo: Pacific Coast News