Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer and Countdown to Release


atlas shrugged trailerHave you read Atlas Shrugged? Ayn Rand’s classic 1957 novel is being made into a movie.  The Atlas Shrugged movie trailer has been released. Well, for Atlas Shrugged part 1, anyway. The movie is being broken down into multiple parts.

This is probably no surprise if you have read the book or even seen a copy of the book: the Atlas Shrugged movie would have to condense a lot to fit it into one film.  Part 1 will be released on April 15 and will star Taylor Schilling, Edi Gathegi(Twilight fans will recognize him as Laurent), Paul Johansson, and Grant Bowler(from True Blood), among others.

To see the Atlas Shrugged movie trailer,

you can click to watch the Atlas Shrugged movie trailer.