Attention Babble Parents: Show Us Your Celeb Fan Pics With Your Babies!

My own baby girl and Eva Mendes in 2008

When it comes to taking a fan pic, it seems like celebrities can never say no… to a baby.

Adorable British baby Tyler Sercombe has been making the headlines recently for her red carpet appearances with the crème de la crème of Hollywood. It seems like Baby Tyler who probably doesn’t even walk yet has already rubbed elbows with everyone who’s important in Tinseltown including George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, and Johnny Depp.

(But the picture of her and Meryl Streep is just too adorable!).

Now we want to see your pics, Babble Parents. Show us your child’s first run-in with Hollywood for our upcoming photo gallery. It doesn’t matter where the spotting occurred whether it was on the red carpet, an awards show, or even at your local CVS store we want to see it! Send in your photos to with the subject Celebrities And Babies Photos.


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