Austin Powers Girl "Alotta" Gets Restraining Order Against Hubby


fabiana_udenio-03Fabiana Udenio (aka Alotta Fagina from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) needs a secret agent to rescue her and her 3-year-old son Adrian from her potentially armed and dangerous husband.

According to TMZ, a judge has extended a restraining order against Robert McLeod after an incident in which he got violent with Fabiana in front of little Adrian.

In legal papers filed in LA Superior Court, the actress claims that “I am frightened because there is a gun missing from one of his houses.”

Fortunately, Fabiana won an extension on the existing restraining order, put in place shortly after the incident on Dec 5th — it now extends until the couple’s court date on February 9th. That oughta help Fabiana and Adrian breathe a little easier.