Australian Open Live Streaming: Watch Australian Open 2011 Here

Australian Open live streaming Australian Open live stream
In any language, Roger Federer is fun to watch -- catch him on the Australian Open live streaming

Want to watch your favorite tennis players in semifinal action today? If you don’t have access to a TV (say, like me, your daughter is busy using your TV to watch “Handy Manny”), you can still watch Australian Open live streaming video from your computer. After all, catching the Australian open live scores really only whets your appetite for the latest match for Caroline Wozniaki or dad of two Roger Federer! Click on for Australian Open live streaming.

To watch the Australian Open live, go to I personally think they have the best link fewer video glitches than some of the other sites I tried out.

Do you have an Australian Open live stream that you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments section below.

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