Ava Jackman Coasts To School On A Scooter! (Photos)


ava jackman, hugh jackman
Ava Jackman rides on her scooter to school.

Ava Jackman may be one of the most underrated celebrity kids out there. Move over, Suri Cruise!

Not only is Ava adorable, but she seems to have the sweetest ride on the block. Ava, Hugh Jackman’s daughter, is often spotted riding her scooter to school in New York City.

Earlier this morning, Ava did not disapoint when she performed all sorts of tricks on the scooter while her dad followed behind with the family’s pet dog Peaches.

Take a look at the photos below!

  • Hugh Jackman and Ava 1 of 25
    Hugh Jackman and Ava
    Actor Hugh Jackman struggled to keep up with his daughter Ava Eliot as he took her to school for the day.
  • Peaches 2 of 25
    Ava, riding her scooter, sped off in front of her dad who had their French bull dog Peaches on a leash.
  • Switch Off 3 of 25
    Switch Off
    Ava got on foot here while her friend rode the scooter. Hugh looks to be running here.
  • Wait A Minute 4 of 25
    Wait A Minute
    And she's back on the scooter!
  • Full Speed Ahead 5 of 25
    Full Speed Ahead
    The Jackmans look to be in a hurry. Could Ava be late?
  • About To Sneeze 6 of 25
    About To Sneeze
    Hugh looks to be about to sneeze as he takes a breather.
  • Vroom Vroom! 7 of 25
    Vroom Vroom!
    Ava keep trekking aong.
  • Watch The Cracks 8 of 25
    Watch The Cracks
    Ava seems to be swerving every which way to avoid the cracks on the sidewalk.
  • Happy Peaches 9 of 25
    Happy Peaches
    Peaches must love his daily walks around NYC.
  • Bad Hair Day 10 of 25
    Bad Hair Day
    Either the wind or bed head has hit Ava hard!
  • Showing Some Love 11 of 25
    Showing Some Love
    Ava takes a moment to hug her dog.
  • More Love 12 of 25
    More Love
    Ava just loves Peaches.
  • Lady In Red 13 of 25
    Lady In Red
    Ava looks quite fashionable in her red lined jacket.
  • Smile! 14 of 25
    Ava and Peaches take a good look at the paparazzi.
  • On They Go! 15 of 25
    On They Go!
    Hugh takes the lead and keeps heading to school.
  • Peaches’ Fashion 16 of 25
    Peaches' Fashion
    Even Peaches is dressed up for the cold temperatures.
  • Whoosh! 17 of 25
    Ava is on the go again.
  • Duck Your Head! 18 of 25
    Duck Your Head!
    Ava puts her head down to gain more speed.
  • Too Adorable 19 of 25
    Too Adorable
    Ava is definitely an underrated celebrity kid. Move over, Suri!
  • Tricks 20 of 25
    Ava can even ride the scooter with just one hand.
  • Taking Her Time 21 of 25
    Taking Her Time
    I'm sure Ava didn't want to be going to school so she took her time and had fun.
  • One Foot 22 of 25
    One Foot
    Ava can even ride with just one foot.
  • Have Fun 23 of 25
    Have Fun
    Ava definitely knows how to have fun!
  • Arrival 24 of 25
    Ava makes her way to school.
  • Lost Dog 25 of 25
    Lost Dog
    Where did Peaches go?

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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