Aw, Look At Nicole Kidman's Baby Bump!



Oh, wait, what baby bump, you ask?  Haven’t Nicole Kidman’s “people” been denying the pregnancy rumors?  Yes, they have but come on, how many denials did we hear the first time Nicole was preggo?  Many!  Until one day, a few weeks later, they finally confirmed it.  Same situation here – maybe.

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Doesn’t Nicole look pregnant?  She does to me, and I’m practically an expert.  Seriously, I’ve written 873 baby bump photo stories, so it’s almost like I’m a doctor.

Nicole was spotted on set of her latest flick, Rabbit Hole, in Queens, NY on Monday, June 8.  Is that scarf camouflaging her belly?  Maybe?

And, get this – Nicole backed out last-minute at the Tony Awards.  She was to be a presenter, but canceled.  Why?  Maybe she had morning sickness?  See, all adding up to PREGNANT.

She looks ‘glowy’ right?  Right.  That’s what I thought, too.

More pics at the ‘source’ below.


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