Awesome! Samuel L. Jackson Reads Go the F--K to Sleep (Download for Free!)

Samuel L. Jackson Narrates Go the F--K to Sleep

It is a match made in heaven. Some marketing genius out there had the sense not to just get anyone to do the audiobook version of the brand new book Go the F–K to Sleep but to get the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. Yes, the Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson of Pulp Fiction and Snakes on the Plane fame.

And you can download the audio version FREE!

Samuel L. Jackson’s deep, sultry, yet tough voice is a perfect pairing to the sweet swearing frustration of Adam Mansbach’s book which is:

“Go the F**k to Sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don’t always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland. California Book Award-winning author Adam Mansbach’s profane, affectionate, and radically honest verses perfectly capture the familiar – and unspoken – tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night. In the process, he opens up a conversation about parenting, granting us permission to admit our frustrations and laugh at their absurdity.”

And best yet…you can get the audio version for FREE (for a limited time probably) right here.