Awesome! Sara Gilbert Gets Her Own Mommy Talk Show


When I found out that Sara Gilbert of Rosanne fame was getting her own talk show one word came to mind awesome. Not because she’s a talented actress, not because she’s a mom of two, not because she is proudly in a same sex relationship with her life partner Allison Alder, but because she’s frickin’ hysterical. Well, at least her tweets are…

I’m one of her 47,561 followers and her posts are some of the most refreshing, thought provoking and fun ones that appear in my long tweet feed.  Here are some of her gems…

“Isn’t it funny how ketchup packs say “fancy ketchup?” What’s not fancy ketchup? A tomato?”

“Somebody just called me looking for Antonio Sabato Jr. If this was Opposite Day then they would have dialed properly.”

“I wrote, “thank you!!!” in an email today, and it felt inauthentic. I’m a two exclamation point maximum kind of girl.”

“my email account marked an email i wrote to myself as junk. should i take this personally?”

Yeah, some good stuff! Her unnamed show will air on CBS and will replace the long running soap opera “As the World Turns” which comes to an end in September. Sara’s show would begin in October. The rumored panelists on the show a daily program that would look at “current issues through the eyes of mothers” includes Julie Chen, Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne and Leah Remini.

Would you tune in?

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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