Awww! Ben Affleck Wears a Loving Message From His Kids


65th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards - ArrivalsSure, you and I might be happy to wear a Cinderella sticker on our shirt at work or go shopping with the goody-bag flower ring that barely fits on our knuckle. After all, it came from our kids, with a smile and a kiss and a “Here you are, Mommy!”

But it’s not everyone who would refrain from washing off a child’s penned message of love before going to a major Hollywood event.

Ben Affleck is one of those awesome parents.

He arrived at the Directors Guild of America Awards last night with a very prominent mark on his right hand. Look closely, and you’ll see that it says, “I (heart) Papa. Good Luck.”

Was it written by Violet? Seraphina? Both? Does it matter? The important thing is that Ben was proud enough of it to keep it on.

It worked, too: He took home top honors as director of Argo.

Come to think of it, he had another message from his girls on his hand at the Golden Globes. Who would want to break a lucky streak like that?

Anyway, props to this dad for knowing that the best accessories don’t come from a designer boutique, but from a child’s loving heart.

[Photo: via PR Photos]

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