B.B. King Alive! B.B. King Twitter Hoax, Stroke Rumors Not True (Video)

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B.B. King is Alive: Internet, Twitter Hoax a Fake

Is B.B. King alive? Rumors that B.B. King died have been burning up Twitter, but it looks like the B.B. King death rumors are just a hoax.

Who else is sick of people stirring up celebrity death hoaxes, like B.B. king dies? While I know B.B. King’s fans were initially upset, no doubt B.B.’s family were angry too.

Wikipedia had even updated B.B. King’s death on his information page, but later removed the date.

Not only is B.B. King alive and well, but new dates have been added to the Bluesfest tour, according to Undercover.FM.

Did you believe that B.B. King died, based on the Twitter buzz? I know a lot of fans were scrambling for answers.

Please, please, please, let the internet death hoaxes and rumors stop.