Babble Exclusive: Hilary Duff Tells Us Which Of Her Small Moments "Are Huge"

Hilary Duff

With just about every new mother I’ve ever spoken to, everyone agrees that while they’re not getting that much sleep during the first few months of their newborn’s life, they sure are taking A LOT of pictures of their bundle of joy. I’m not different, and I have a few photo galleries dedicated to my children’s every move of their first six months which include their first smile, bath time, nap, feeding, and well, everything in between.

And celebrity mom Hilary Duff knows exactly what I’m talking about, as she’s a new mom who loves to share her photos of her son Luca wherever she goes.

Hilary gave birth to Luca back in March and ever since then, she’s carried either her Nikon camera or her smart phone close to her diaper bag to snap those small moments of her child in order to make lasting memories. Hilary says, “Some of my favorite pictures are when Luca isn’t cooperating! Sometimes it takes a few tries to capture a great moment.”

And just like many mothers, she also snaps those precious moments with her phone too. “Apps like Camera+ and Instagram can make an ok photo look great! I like to mess around with a fish eye lens, but I’m not too camera savy,” Hilary tells us. And we couldn’t agree more (just about every blogger on Babble LOVES Instagram and I’ll admit that it’s my new favorite social media app as well. We just can’t get enough of it).

And what about those little moments that seem to sneak up on you? Hilary tells us that the cutest photos she has are her family photos and when Luca is playing, of course. She tells us: “I love to take pictures when he’s playing because he gets so smiley! Some of my favorite family photos are when we’re all piled up in bed together! And obviously some of the cutest shots are when he’s all dressed up.”

Aww! For more on how you can catch those small, “huge” moments, check out Nikon’s Small Moments Are Huge Facebook page, which is a campaign that Hilary is also heavily involved in and tell us, which small “huge” moment has been your favorite with your children so far?

Photo Courtesy of Nikon

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