Babble Exclusive! Jessica Alba Gets Honest About - Zulily Partnership, Marriage and Her Guilty Pleasure! (Photos)


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I am so excited to announce that  Jessica Alba’s THE HONEST CO. shop will open on zulily!!

Jessica Alba shared with me some very exciting news today!!  They have aligned The Honest Company with zulily, giving 10 million+ zulily members convenient access to the sustainably chic brand.

The first of its kind to open on zulily, The Honest Company shop will remain on the site for members to purchase family essentials from the brand like their iconic, biodegradable, super-absorbent diapers alongside daily deals, every day!!!!

My biggest challenge with some deal sites is that I never want what they are selling, when they are selling it! But, this will be perfect!

I love that zulily will offer this because when I need my Honest Co. essentials (which I LOVE!!!) like the soap, detergent and cleaners, I can go to one place and know I am getting a deal! It just makes it so easy.  I can go shopping for clothes and toys too and I don’t have to search around!

I had the chance to get the inside scoop from Jessica herself on everything from being a momprenuer, new year resolutions with Cash,  to what is her guilty pleasure ( which you will never guess)!!!Check it out below!!

  • Why did you decide to partner with zulily, as this is first of its kind? 1 of 6
    Why did you decide to partner with zulily, as this is first of its kind?
    Like The Honest Company, zulily understands busy parents and provides customers with the same excellent, convenient, and accessible service via an e-commerce platform. Beyond that, the companies also share the same belief that one's business model should incorporate social giving—both are committed to supporting families in need through various charitable partnerships. So, working together seemed like the perfect fit. With over 10 million members, I know zulily will be a great extension of our mission at Honest, allowing us to offer effective natural products to a new audience that wants safe and healthy homes for their families and, of course, loves style too!
  • What makes zulily different? 2 of 6
    What makes zulily different?
    zulily is about hand-picked brands and expertly curated products. Moms know they can go to their site and discover new brands that are for the family, all while being convenient, stylish, and at a value. Like, it's one trusted online source where parents shop for what they need and want. Not to mention, zulily embraces social media as much as we do at Honest and uses it to connect with its community, provide educational content, and listen to its customers.
    Photo: Darrell Cavens - CEO of zulily
  • Are you a zulily mom? 3 of 6
    Are you a zulily mom?
    Yes! I love the site. I buy things for my family all the time because there's something for everyone—and many of the products really reflect a modern, colorful, and fashionable aesthetic, which is what we create at Honest too.
  • What Is The One Or Two Things That You Do Just For You? 4 of 6
    What Is The One Or Two Things That You Do Just For You?
    I enjoy girls' night out with my friends at a great restaurant. Or nothing beats a good mani-pedi or a massage once in awhile—a little pampering goes a long way because it feels like sneaking in a much-needed nap.
  • What Is Your New Years Resolutions With Cash? 5 of 6
    What Is Your New Years Resolutions With Cash?
    As busy parents one of our resolutions always is to spend more time with each other. Between work and travel, family dinners, and ballet class, this sometimes seems like a lofty goal. So, we make it a point to have dedicated date nights or alone time on the couch (we love reality TV!) after the girls are in bed. Our secret to sticking to this resolution? A consistent family schedule.
  • Just For Fun! What Is Your Guilty Pleasure? 6 of 6
    Just For Fun! What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?
    Hot wings. When I travel, I like to indulge and order them from room service. Or, when we host parties for events like the Super Bowl, I love grilling them for friends. They're a crowd pleaser in my house!

(Photo Source :  The Honest Company )

For more information on zulily contact GG Benitez and Assoc.

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