Babble Exclusive: Wendy Williams Talks Career, Family Life (Video)

Wendy Williams talks to Babble

There is perhaps no one more refreshingly honest on television then the one and only Wendy Williams.  Smart, funny, and openly candid (and not to mention the only woman north of the Mason Dixie Line who is not afraid of Whitney Houston), Wendy sat down with Babble’s very own Dara Pettinelli and Andrea Zimmerman to talk gossip, television and how she manages to divide her time between her talk show work and raising her family.

Dara and Andrea joined Wendy for her After Show chat where she dishes about her favorite television mom, the modern day mom and

“I think moms are too busy trying to moisturize and stay young and hot for their husbands and their men and they are too busy trying to compete in the work place because a 23-year-old is going to take their place,” Wendy says about the modern working mom.

“I also think moms are trying to stay thin so they can wear the same clothes as their daughters,” she adds, “and I am guilty of all of the above.”

Check out our video interview of Wendy and what she also has to say about Kim Kardashian and her definition of family time and the secret to a successful marriage.




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