Babble Introduces New Daddy Blog: Dadding!

brad pitt, dadding, dad blog
Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood's most infamous dads.

Babble is treading through uncharted, but exciting territory with the arrival of their new daddy blog, Dadding!

Just recently Babble Media, who was recently aquired by Walt Disney Co., launched their Top 50 Dad Blogs list. And Dads have also been a hot button topic of discussion over at the salons as well! In light of the trending topic, we launched our own brand-new channel catered to the men who often stand in the shadows of the moms of our world.

Dadding covers topics ranging from childhood attire, cynicism about celebrity dads, and sexism in child films among many other subjects.

We’ve brought the best and the brightest writers to our team and hope you take a look and enjoy Dadding!

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