Babble Looks Back At 2011s Biggest Parenting Moments In Television (Photos)

Germaphobic? Kate Gosselin

When it comes to the top parenting moments on television, we’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, the adorable, and the just plain ugly. I mean, it wouldn’t be the right type of horrific entertainment we sometimes crave if it didn’t have every facet of life, right?

2011 has surely seen some of the best parenting moments on television, as well as its worst. Some of the most talked-about scenes include a mother-of-eight “losing it” over a slice of pizza, a Real Housewife’s two sons giving a well-manicured Beverly Hills lawn a golden shower, and perhaps the saddest Rodeo-themed birthday party we’ve ever seen thrown for a bewildered little 5-year-old.

But it wasn’t all tears, toddlers in questionable get-ups, and tantrums. We’ve also seen some very adorable moments, including a very well delivered reality check from one mom to her teen.

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  • Farrah on Teen Mom: It’s Not Barney Time! 1 of 10
    Farrah on Teen Mom: It's Not Barney Time!
    Farrah might not have the most likable personality on television (surely you don't need an explanation as to why), but at least her daughter makes up in cuteness for what she lacks. While on the way to court to deal with Derek's mother's plea to see Sophia, her nasty attitude was in full force. Seeing that Farrah was understandably stressed about going to court, her own mother, Debra, tried to lighten the mood and tell Farrah a cute story about Sophia's newfound love for Barney. Farrah was not in the mood for stories of the Big Purple Dinosaur and basically throws a fit, yelling, "It's not Barney Time!!" Then she tells her mother that she sucks for not being able to calm her down better. BRAVO FARRAH! You've managed to have a tantrum worse than any toddler we've seen on television.
  • Brandi Glanville’s Boys: We Gotta Go! 2 of 10
    Brandi Glanville's Boys: We Gotta Go!
    Brandi Glanville's parenting skills were put into question when the housewives and their children attended a BBQ at Adrienne Maloof's home. After getting out of the swimming pool, Glanville's son Jake 4 took off his swimming trunks and peed on the grass. While Glanville did half-heartedly tell him not to do that, within minutes, she was laughing about it. Glanville even made the statement, "At lease he didn't pee in the pool, no one wants to swim in kid's pee." Well, she's at least honest, right? Pool or lawn?
  • Kailynn And Isaac on Teen Mom 2: Nap Time in the Park 3 of 10
    Kailynn And Isaac on Teen Mom 2: Nap Time in the Park
    Well here is by far the cutest baby moment on television this year. Words cannot describe the cuteness overload that was Isaac gently falling to sleep as Kailyn and her boyfriend Jordan pushed him in a swing. Either he was really, really tired or really, really bored by their enthralling conversation. We're going to go with the second option.
  • Kate Plus 8: The Epic Pizza Meltdown 4 of 10
    Kate Plus 8: The Epic Pizza Meltdown
    Kate Gosselin notoriously "lost it" in an episode of Kate Plus 8 over a slice of pizza. Yes, pizza. On an RV trip with Kate and the eight children, babysitter Ashley gives the kids a slice of pizza that was "reserved" for bodyguard Steve, Kate flips out, Ashley has little 10-year-old Mady hand him the slice without first wrapping it in foil, germaphobic Kate continues to flip out, Ashley quits. While Kate has received her good share of criticism over this, let's look on the other side of this: at least she's teaching her kids how to be clean! Right? Let's hope so.
    Watch the clip on YouTube
  • Kennedy Armstong’s Birthday: The Saddest Rodeo That Ever Was 5 of 10
    Kennedy Armstong's Birthday: The Saddest Rodeo That Ever Was
    Despite marital woes, Taylor Armstrong proved that the show must go on as she organized her daughter's lavish carnival-themed fifth birthday party at a sprawling ranch in Malibu. Kennedy's party is the first time during the season where audiences see the Armstrong family together as one unit - in scenes shots just months before Russell's suicide in August.
    Watch the clip Here
  • Gia Giudice’s Most Awkward Moment on Television 6 of 10
    Gia Giudice's Most Awkward Moment on Television
    The feud between Teresa Guidice, her husband Joe and her brother Joe has been a long-running theme on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Gia Giudice probably put it best when she sang through tears, of her mother and uncle, "It is just too much. Waking up in the morning. Going to school worrying and worrying. It is just too much." But it was Caroline Manzo who put it into perspective the best: "Maybe the children will teach them how to act like adults."
    Watch the clip on YouTube
  • Teen Mom’s Sharon Bookout Speaks The Truth! 7 of 10
    Teen Mom's Sharon Bookout Speaks The Truth!
    Well here's a much needed reality check on Teen mom! You can always count on Maci Bookout's mama, Sharon, to be the one to talk some sense into her daughter. You can also count on her for some great one-liners. During this scene, Maci is complaining about having to deal with Ryan's drama, and is going on and on about how unfair it is that she has to put up with him. Mama Bookout looks up and delivers the line that all of us viewers wish we could say, "Well…you should have thought of that before you had his baby."
  • Toddlers and Tiaras: Channeling Julia Roberts The Wrong Way 8 of 10
    Toddlers and Tiaras: Channeling Julia Roberts The Wrong Way
    Sweet little Paisley from Toddlers and Tiara struts to Roy Orbison wearing a trick-turning getup that's just like the one Julia Roberts wore in "Pretty Woman." The Beverly Wilshire Hotel is in the backdrop. One mom comments, "I would never, ever do that to my little girl." RIGHT ON SISTER!
    Watch the clip on YouTube
  • Up All Night: The Motherhood Version 9 of 10
    Up All Night: The Motherhood Version
    Christina Applegate and Will Arnett proved to us that being "up all night" is defined totally differently in parenthood than in the term we used it for during our college years. Christina and Will play new parents who find it a wee bit difficult to merge their previous life of late night partying with their new life of staying up with the baby during all hours of the night. The pilot episode proved to us (not that we needed the confirmation) that you obviously can't have it both ways.
  • Modern Family’s Thanksgiving Episode: Follow Your Dreams 10 of 10
    Modern Family's Thanksgiving Episode: Follow Your Dreams
    It was the Dreamers vs. the Pritchetts, the ugly centerpieces vs. the bizarre helmet ideas. Modern Family's Thanksgiving episode proved to us that you can follow your dreams (even as a parent), as long as there is nobody around to crush them. The episode also delivered the best line of the season: "Is that turkey because something smells like chicken."

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