Babble Talks to "Rio" Star Leslie Mann Part Two


As we mentioned, Babble had the chance to sit down with Rio star Leslie Mann about all things mommy-hood. In part two the hilarious actress shares the worst parenting advice she’s ever received, her best beauty tip for perfect skin, and the parenting item she could NOT live without.

Read the first part of the interview here.

Who’s the good cop and who’s the bad cop between you and your husband?

I would say [the good cop] is probably me. I’m the disciplinarian.

Have you ever gotten really bad parenting advice?

Once I was on a plane with my daughter, Maude. She was screaming and screaming for a very long time. And someone came up to me said, “If you just take a little shiny thing and put it in front of her face, it will calm her down.” I just wanted to hand her the screaming kid!

When was the first moment you really felt like a mom?

One of my children — I think it was Iris — puked on the guy next to me.  Yeah, that was a moment.

You look fabulous all the time! What’s your best beauty tip?

There’s a clay mask I use called Aztec Clay. You can get it at Whole Foods for about $5. You mix it with apple cider and vinegar. It gives you a nice healthy glow.

Apple cider and vinegar?

It burns your face a bit when you apply it, but it makes your skin really tight and clear.

Do you have any other parenting items that you can’t live without?

Omega vitamins, Omega Cure, or Palmers cocoa butter. I put it all over my stomach while I was pregnant, so now my stomach looks great, but my butt and thighs are shot.

Do you have a “golden parenting rule that you follow?

Listen to your kids and be kind.

Worst parenting moment?

Letting my 13-year-old daughter watch four seasons of South Park while we were in Hawaii.  That’s pretty bad.

We love your dress! What designer is it?

Dolce and Gabanna.

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