Baby Harlow Is Jealous Of Baby Sparrow


joel-madden-harlowAfter less than two weeks of living with her newborn brother, it sounds like Harlow Madden has come down with a serious case of sibling jealousy. Now that Sparrow is hogging up all the attention, Harlow is noticing a major attention deficit — people giving her attention, that is.  Looks like Nicole and Joel may be in for years of bitter sibling rivalry.

From The Enquirer:

“Harlow is used to being doted on day and night, by not only her parents, but their entire extended family and circle of friends,” says a source, who asked not to be identified. “A few days before giving birth Nicole told Harlow: ‘Get ready — you’re going to be a big sister soon!’ Little Harlow screamed ‘No!’ and threw a temper tantrum,” The Enquirer writes.

“She was already beginning to experience the ‘Terrible Twos’ before Sparrow’s birth, but now Harlow’s even more of a handful — testing boundaries and throwing temper tantrums,” the insider adds. “She crawls into Nicole’s lap every chance she gets and begs to be hugged.”

Apparently, Joel and Nicole are planning a couple of special events (e.g., going out to the farmers market) to help Harlow feel like she’s getting her normal quotient of individual attention from mom and dad. Still, it’s obviously going to be difficult for Harlow to adjust to sharing the spotlight for a little while.

Are they handling the Harlow situation the right way?