Baby Mama Mariah Yeater: Unemployed And On Food Stamps With Baby Tristyn

Is this Baby Bieber?

Until yesterday, the world had no clue who San Diego native Mariah Yeater was and now she’s the most famous baby mama to have ever filed a paternity case against one of the biggest stars in the celebrity world.

The 20-year-old claims to have had a 30-second tryst that resulted in a pregnancy with Canadian hit maker Justin Bieber, which both he and his legal team vehemently deny.

According to a little research done by Fox News, the world’s second best known Mariah was on food stamps when she was plucked from the front row of a Bieber concert in Los Angeles by his bodyguards to meet the star backstage.

Boy, was that a wrong move.

Court documents reveal that Mariah was on food stamps when she won tickets to Justin’s concert last year.  She is also a high school drop out ditching school after the 11th grade had a job for only about two months this year and has no source of income and has never filed a tax return with the State of California nor the IRS.

She gave birth to the son who she alleges is a Baby Bieber, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, on July 6.  In her paternity suit, she claims that she did not have health insurance during her pregnancy and that the birth cost her $25,000.

Mariah does receive however $500 per month on public assistance.

Check out additional photos of Mariah here and tell us, do you think she’s telling the truth?

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