Baby Number 6! Lauryn Hill Confirms She is Pregnant Again!

Lauryn Hill Preganant Again!

There has been plenty of speculation that singer Lauryn Hill was pregnant yet again. That swollen belly of hers gave it away. And finally, she probably realized she couldn’t hide it anymore.Lauryn Hill announced she was pregnant with her 6th child. Yes, 6th.

At the end of her show in Detroit over the weekend she shared with the crowd that: “I’m going to be taking time off to give birth,” RadarOnline reported.  And two months ago she told an audience in Los Angeles,  “I keep having these children,” adding that, “I don’t know if I’m the most fertile woman in America.” If she isn’t, she certainly is giving it a try.

The father is boyfriend Rohan Marley, who fathered her five other child. He is one of the sons of Reggae legend Bob Marley. Their newest child will join siblings; Zion David-Nesta Marley (born 1997); Selah Marley (born 1998); Joshua Marley (born 2002); John Marley (born 2003) and Sarah Marley (born 2008).

Congrats to Lauryn Hill and her family!