Baby On The Way? Justin Timberlake's Grandmother Says He Is Going To Be A "Great Dad"

Justin Timberlake

They just got married only a few short weeks ago, and now it looks like everyone is officially on Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel baby watch. Naturally, it’s the best next step, right?

Well, Justin’s own grandmother thinks so. While the couple aren’t expecting a baby just yet, Sadie Boma already has her fingers crossed as she says that Justin is going to fit into his role as a future father with ease.

“Oh, Justin is going to be the best dad. That boy has always been so great with children, and I know Jessica will be a great mother,” Sadie told But don’t expect them to welcome kids in the near future. “I don’t think they will rush it though,” she added. “I’m not sure they can. They are both away so much that it would be hard to take care of a baby together and I know Justin would want to be there.”

In the meantime, we’ll be on bump watch!

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