Baby Spice's Baby Goes To The ER


emma-bunton-beauSpice Girl Emma Bunton had a major scare last week, when her 2-year-old son Beau had to be patched up in the ER (in the UK they call it the A&E) after he took a nasty spill over the front of his scooter. While it was super-scary, it was reportedly nothing that a bandage and some ice cream could fix.

Here’s what Emma told Now:

“It’s been an emotional week for me as Beau had his first accident, which left both of us in tears. He fell over his scooter and his tooth pierced his bottom lip, so there was blood everywhere.”

Accidents are always scary when kids are involved, especially when they’re so young and fragile. Even more so when their a tooth has “pierced” through their bottom lip.

I’ve heard horror stories of teeth sticking out of lips and so on, but I can’t tell whether or not little Beau’s incident was actually that serious or not.

“After a trip to A&E (the Accident and Emergency department), where the other mums assured me it would be the first of many accidents, he’s absolutely fine and probably enjoyed all the ice cream and lolly treats he had that day.”

Needless to say, if I saw my son’s tooth sticking out through his lower lip, I’d be pretty freaked out too. But from the way Emma talks about it, sounds like it was more of a cut inside the mouth. Phew!

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