Baby Time For Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes!



It’s no secret that Tom Cruise would love for wife Katie Holmes to be pregnant for a second time, but she wanted to focus on her career.  However, the 30-year-old actress realizes now she can have both and is ready to expand their family.

A source said Katie would love to have “another hit before she has a second baby.”  But Katie believes she doesn’t have to sacrifice her career for family.  She can have both.

Katie said, “I happen to be a woman who believes she can have it all.  We women can do an awful lot if we put our minds to it.

“Not only that, we can have fun doing it!  Even when it’s crazy – which is pretty much most of the time – it’s fun.  At least, that’s been my experience.”

She adds, “It’s a good combination for me and Tom – work and family, a healthy balance.”

Katie is currently filming Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in Australia.

So, maybe when the movie wraps, Katie and Tom will be making an announcement!

Sibling for Suri, Isabella and Connor!