Baby Time: Gerard Butler Is Good Enough For Jennifer Aniston



Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant numerous times (all fake pregnancies of course) and she’s adopted a baby boy at least twice.  However, this time it could be real *ahem* because she’s apparently hot for Gerard Butler and according to sources, he’s good enough for her to have babies with.

Friends are saying that Jen and Gerard are now dating, even though the two deny it.  They reportedly got close during the shooting of The Bounty and Jennifer is so taken with him, she wants his baby and/or babies.

“Gerard’s already passed Jen’s daddy test with flying colors.  She joked to him that they’d make beautiful babies!”

The pair were spotted having a cozy dinner at Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake, California last week.

The restaurant’s manager said, “Everyone in the restaurant was watching Gerard and Jennifer.  The two of them seemed to get along really well together.”

And that my friends?  Means Jen wants to have Gerard’s babies.  So, next time you’re on a semi-date with a guy, that means you absolutely want him to sperminate you!

When’s the baby shower, Jennifer?