Baby Wars: Ellen Pompeo Vs. Katherine Heigl


ellen-pompeo-katherine-heiglAre Grey’s Anatomy cast members Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo in a catfight to steal each other’s thunder when it comes to motherhood news? Was it just coincidence that the timing of each of their baby announcements seemed like they were designed to compete with one another? Insiders think not

For a brief recap of the evidence: Katherine announced the adoption of her baby Naleigh on the 15th, the same day that Ellen Pompeo’s baby was born. Then, Ellen waited until yesterday (the 23rd) to publicly announce the birth of her baby girl Stella Luna, waiting 8 days to make her announcement on the same day that Heigl and her daughter appeared on the cover of People.

At least on insider has told Page Six that, knowing these two new moms, there’s little doubt that they were engaged in some sort of one-upmanship:

“It was very curious timing for her [Katherine] to drop that… It was an adopted kid — she could have chosen any other day to make it public. Why compete?

“It looks like they were trying to one-up one another,” laughs our spy.

Come on, ladies. There’s plenty of room in the tabloids for both of you and your soon-to-be famous babies.

Do you think it was just a coincidence, or what?