Baby Zuma Got His Very First Shiner


zuma-rossdale-black-eyeOops! Looks like Gwen Stefani’s pride and joy must have taken a tumble over the weekend. Gwen was spotted leaving No Doubt bass player Tony Kanal’s house in LA Monday, when photogs noticed that Zuma Rossdale was sporting his first black eye.

Maybe that’s why Gwen — usually the first person to show off her awesome kids — decided to go with the paparazzi-shunning cover-up routine. Which, by the way, really only makes her look guilty, though I guess I’d probably want to dodge all the questions too.

It certainly doesn’t look like Zuma incurred any serious damage. In fact, it kinda makes him look like a tough guy, although not very intimidating.

Considering that black eyes are pretty much a rite of passage for all kids, I’ll be the first to congratulate little Zuma. Way to keep a still upper lip!