Babysitter Claims Angelina Jolie Was Abandoned by Her Mother as a Baby


Angelina Jolie has always sung the praises of her late mother, Marcheline Betrand, who passed away in 2007 following a battle with cancer. But in Andrew Morton’s new tell-all about the mother of six, Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, he claims all of the angst Jolie experienced during her teens and young adulthood (cutting, drug use, bad relationships) are a direct effect of her mother virtually abandoning her as a baby. A babysitter, Krisann Morel, says following her split from Jolie’s father in 1976, Jon Voight, Bertrand relegated Jolie to a separate apartment in her building for two years where Jolie was cared for round the clock by a revolving staff of caregivers.

Morton surmises that Jolie was permanently scarred by her mother’s early rejection — leading her to self-destructive acts and a “come here, now go away” personality.

This certainly doesn’t mesh with Jolie’s version of her selfless mother.  In fact, it directly contradicts something Jolie said within the last month: “She was a proper mother, constant. We never had a nanny or housekeeper. Mother worked every day of her life. I’ve always wanted to be useful, like her. She was our everything. I’ve never needed to be loved because I’ve had my mother. So I’ve never felt the need to be understood.”

Are you interested in reading the book? Do you think it’s probably full of fabrication?


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