Bachelor 2011: Brad Womack on The Face Slap! What Did He REALLY Think About it?


One thing that impressed many on the premiere of the Bachelor 2011 starring Brad Womack? How composed he was after one of the ladies slapped him – and slapped him hard – across the face.

Now most in that situation, if they were physically attacked the first time they meet someone would run not walk away from their abuser. But not that cad Brad Womack. He he seemed more amused than abused. What did bachelor Brad Womack have to say about the slap inflicted by the contestant Chantal? He told TMZ that, “I think Chantal was just trying to make a statement about my past behavior and make a strong first impression, which she did. ”

Brad added, “I think what Chantal did was a light-hearted gesture which I took as such.  I do not condone violence in any relationship, nor would I keep someone around who I felt truly wished to do me harm.”

But would he really want to be with someone whose first reaction to meeting him is to slap him? Yeah, I think not.

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