Bachelor Alum Shayne Lamas is Pregnant!

shayne lamas pregnant
Shayne Lamas is Pregnant!

Do you remember Shayne Lamas, a.k.a. “Monkey” from Matt Grant’s season of The Bachelor? She was the bubbly blond who Matt proposed to at the final rose ceremony, and then broke up with a mere couple months later.

Shayne Lamas is also well known for being actor Lorenzo Lamas’s daughter, and she has just announced that she is pregnant with her first child.

In addition to The Bachelor, Shayne made headlines again last year when she married Nik Richie, who is the founder of the controversial website, The Dirty.

Shayne is due on November 11, 2011, and she is already showing off her baby bump in a bikini, which you can see in this photo.

The couple seems very excited about their baby news…so looks like congrats are in order for Shayne and Nik!

Photo: PRPhotos