Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Call It Quits for Good?

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Is the couple split for good this time?

On The Bachelor finale, we saw Brad Womack propose to Emily Maynard. A sweet moment. But, then, we cut to the After the Final Rose show and oh my: awkwardness!

We find out that Bachelor Brad and Emily have already broken up once, but that they are trying to make it work. Brad seems head over heels in love with Emily…or with the idea of getting married and proving America wrong, anyway.

But, Emily Maynard? She didn’t seem so sure.  You really can’t blame her: their relationship started on The Bachelor- not a usual beginning. Since the proposal, they haven’t had much time together and none out in public. They’ve had fights over what happened on the show with the other girls and Bachelor Brad. Not to mention, she has her daughter to worry about.

A source close to the show told Popeater that the couple has broken up for good since After the Final Rose was filmed. Watching them together, it’s pretty easy to believe that source.

Do you think it’s true? Or are you still rooting for Bachelor Brad to find love with Emily Maynard?