Bachelor Pad: Dave Opens Up About His Dad


On last night’s episode of Bachelor Pad, Natalie and Dave’s date heated up, in more ways than one. After Natalie told her new boyfriend all about her own loving family, Dave Good took the opportunity to open up about his own parents–specifically his dad. And, well, his relationship with them isn’t nearly as rosy as Natalie’s relationship with her parents.

In a rare moment, we saw Dave bare his soul when he told Natalie about his parent’s divorce, his fights with his dad, and the fact that he hasn’t communicated with his pops in several years. We’ll be completely honest–our hearts broke a little bit when we saw Dave, who is normally such a tough guy on the show–shed a few silent tears. It definitely showed more depth to this guy, who on both The Bachelorette and now Bachelor Pad has played the role of the tough, indifferent, and often rude competitor.

So is Dave’s broken relationship with his father to blame for his negative behavior–like when he tricked Krisily into thinking she was his friend and safe on last week’s episode? Or is that just an excuse that shouldn’t be used? What do you think?