Bachelor Pad Episode 4: Natalie Wants To Be A Good Wife And Mom


The claws came out in a whole new way last night on Bachelor Pad Episode 4, when the sure to be infamous “survey” competition was introduced to the group.  What better way to make women cry on national television then to have all of the other members of the house point out their insecurities, right?

Even though she joked and wrote down her own name as the “dumbest” girl in the house, Natalie Getz wasn’t laughing when her cast mates voted her most likely to be “Always a Bridesmaid, Never A Bride.”  Her face literally dropped when her name was announced…and her heart sank when she saw that her new love interest, Dave Good, had also written down her name.

She held it together until the contest was over, but back in the house, Natalie crawled into the shower and sobbed uncontrollably. She said that her biggest dream in life is to be a good wife and mom, and the fact that people think she isn’t capable of that shook her to the core.

Dave felt bad about voting for her, but said it was all in the name of the game.  He also admitted that he felt as though he and Natalie were “in a relationship”, which leaves us to question just how serious he is about the beautiful blond. They seemed to really hit it off on their overnight date on Bachelor Pad Episode 3, but if Natalie isn’t someone that Dave thinks will ever settle down, then is he with her only for the sake of the game?

We will see how things unfold as the show goes on, but I’m guessing that Natalie is going to tone down her party-girl image quite a bit in order to prove that being a wife and mom are indeed, in her future.

As to whether or not that future includes Dave Good, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!