Bachelor Pad: Will Gia and Wes Find Love After The Show Is Over?


It was a sad, sad night for Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden after the rose ceremony on Bachelor Pad Episode 3. Even though Wes did everything he could to sway the votes of the men in the house, he couldn’t save his lady love interest, Gia, from being sent packing.

Even though Gia came onto the show with a boyfriend back home, she couldn’t seem to resist Wes’s good looks and sly charm. From day one in the house, she seemed completely smitten with this bad boy, leaving viewers to wonder whether or not she could actually be the one to capture his heart and change his seemingly evil ways. She completely swooned when Wes pulled out his guitar to serenade her last night, even calling him a “Modern-Day Shakespeare.” Um…yeah…I wouldn’t go that far.

Call me crazy, but I think that Wes may have actually had true feelings for Gia.  She proved after last week’s episode that she wasn’t a power player in the game, and put a target on her back after giving Wes a rose instead of Craig R., which ousted her from the “outsider” alliance on the show.  She had no pull on Bachelor Pad Episode 3 as far as keeping Wes in the house went, so he must have had some other interest than wooing her to win the $250,000 cash prize at the end, right?

Gia and Wes were pretty sure that she would be the girl going home after the next rose ceremony, so they spent their final night together cuddling in her bunk bed and professing the “undying love” that they would have for each other if Gia didn’t have a boyfriend at home. Wes kept telling Gia, “I’m yours,” putting the ball in her court, to which she kept repeating, “I know…I know you are”, back to him.

After all of the roses were handed out and Gia was left standing empty handed, she gave Wes one last tearful goodbye, and as she walked toward the limo, she said, “I love you,” to him.  And for some reason, I think she may have meant it.  In the limo ride away from the mansion, she talked about how she never thought she would meet someone as wonderful as Wes on the show, and that money isn’t everything, hinting that she may have rather had Wes than the cash prize.

When the cameras turned to Wes after Gia’s exit, he said that if he wins the $250,000, he’ll be on a plane to New York right away to reunite with Allemand.

Is there a chance that these two may find love after Bachelor Pad is over?  Rumor has it that Gia and her boyfriend are no longer together. If that is true, then maybe Wes should go ahead and book that plane ticket.  Wouldn’t it be great if these two actually got together and formed a lasting relationship?  And wouldn’t they have the cutest kids?  I can just picture little brown-haired kids running around with guitars and New York accents.  I don’t know why, but I’m rooting for Gia and Wes!