Bachelor Pad's Tenley and Kiptyn: Are They Together Or Not?


Jake Pavelka may not have given her the final rose on his season of The Bachelor, but rumors are circulating that Tenley Molzahn has a new man in her life. ABC’s new spin-off show, Bachelor Pad, is underway now, and one of the most talked about “couples” in the house is Tenley and Kiptyn Locke, who made it to the final two on The Bachelorette but was ultimately rejected.

There is no doubt that these two make an absolutely adorable couple, and they seem to be a perfect match. After Bachelor Pad Episode 3 aired this past Monday, however, it is unclear as to whether or not Tenley and Kiptyn are the real deal.

When Kiptyn was chosen by Peyton to go on a date after she won the kissing contest, Tenley was feeling a little twinge of jealousy. She decided to sneak into Kiptyn’s bunk to hopefully indulge in a little canoodling before he went off with Peyton. Much to her disappointment, Kiptyn wasn’t interested.  He pretty much told her that he doesn’t want to tie himself down to anyone in the house because he thinks it’s a bad strategy move.

Tenley was of course, devastated by his rejection, leaving viewers to wonder just how serious Kiptyn is about the bubbly brunette. I guess we will just have to wait and see what unfolds between these two on upcoming episodes.

Since the show finished taping, Tenley and Kiptyn have been spotted out and about together, and were even reportedly planning a double date with new Bachelorette couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez.

Tenley isn’t giving anything away when it comes to the status of her relationship with Kiptyn, but she did tell People, “He’s an incredible guy, one of the most genuine men I have ever met. I enjoy him a lot!”

It sure sounds like something is definitely going on between them!  Is it possible that we could see marriage and kids in their future?