Bachelor Winner Vienna Runs Into Ali Fedotowsky: Is She Jealous Of Her Love With Roberto?


It was bound to happen sooner or later, and now Bachelor rivals Vienna Girardi and Ali Fedotowsky have officially run into each other in Beverly Hills. Vienna and Ali weren’t exactly BFFs on the Bachelor, in fact, they pretty much hated each others’ guts.  Early on, each identified the other as competition for Jake Pavelka’s affections, and the claws definitely came out with each impending rose ceremony.

Vienna ultimately got that last rose from Jake, and Ali landed herself a spot on the Bachelorette. And now Ali is happily engaged to her hunk, Roberto Martinez, and Vienna will pretty much wear the label of “the girl who cried on TV after Jake yelled at her”, for the rest of her 15 minutes of fame.

With rumors of a wedding in the near future, we can’t help but wonder if Vienna is insanely jealous that Ali has found her prince charming in Roberto and will likely be married with kids in the next year or two.

According to a source who witnessed their abrupt run-in at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge in Beverly Hills, the girls said “hi” briefly to each other, but for the most part avoided any sort of contact. The witness also said that Ali was friendlier than Vienna was when they saw each other.  Duh!  Of course Ali was friendlier!  She’s about to marry a gorgeous hunk-o-man while Vienna is still dodging rumors as to whether or not Jake Pavelka is gay.  Not exactly a fair trade off.  By being cordial, Ali stuck it to her pretty good, don’t you think?

Girardi may have a new man in her life, John Sala, but from her account, it doesn’t sound like he’s anything to write home about. She apparently told a friend that the relationship isn’t serious.

I’m calling Ali as the winner on this one!

Photo: PRPhotos