Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky's Wedding Plans


We won’t find out Ali’s choice between Roberto and Chris until the finale airs on August 12, but insiders are saying there will be a proposal!

“She’s already started to think about what she wants,” a source tell Us Weekly. “She’s open to lots of ideas.”

There are some things she knows for sure though. The wedding will take place on the West Coast and she will wear either Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang.  And as for hair and shoes? 

Ali is a down to earth girl, so it’s no surprise she would be just as low key on her big day. “I’ve been getting hair and makeup doen so much lately for photo shoots, but I just want to throw my hair in a ponytail and throw on sneakers,” she says. It wil be just like the show’s promotional pictures.

A few former contestants may even make the guest list, or are at least hoping to. Kasey “I Will get A Tattoo of Your Name” Kahl has offered up his services. “I want to go. I’ll be the ring-bearer! I’ll sing at the wedding!”

If Ali does tie the knot, it will be a rare success case for the TV program who has a low rate of their contestants getting married. But if it happens and little ones comes along, expect a reality show about the family.