Bachelorette Ali Says She Won't Pursue Now-Single Jake Pavelka


Who could have guessed that Jake Pavelka and Vienna would split only several months into their engagement, and that their plans for making babies together would be squashed? Well, everyone. So now the people are wondering: since Pavelka is back on the market, might current Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky — who has also expressed an interest in having kids soon — want another shot with him?

Um, no. Says Ali: “I’ve made a decision to move forward in my life. That just wouldn’t be fair to the guys here, and it took some time, but I’m healed and moved on from Jake.”

Plus, she has some great guys vying for her love. LIke the professional wrestler Justin aka Rated R who reportedly has a girlfriend back home (unfortunately not Snooki) and Cape Cod Chris, who tattooed his mom’s signature on his chest after she passed away (so she’s close to his heart). With options like that, who needs Jake?


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