Bachelorette‘s Chris Lambton Talks Ali & Roberto, Being the Next Bachelor


As Ali and Roberto bask in their romance now that the final episode is over, viewers have to wonder how runner up Chris Lambton is feeling.

You would think that he would be bitter, but unlike most reality stars who would say nasty things he is handling his rejection well. He tells People on how Ali broke up with him that “I was blown away by how gracious she was doing that. If I had waited that whole night, got in my suit, picked out a ring and gone through all of that and gotten rejected the next day when she had her mind made up already … I think that shows what an amazing person Ali really is. I told her that right after she broke up with me. I said, “Thank you for doing it today, not having us go on a date.” If I had gone on a date with her I would have fallen more in love with her.”

He also harbors no ill will towards Roberto. “She made the right choice for her and me as well. Everything happens for the right reason. That just means there’s someone out there even better for me.”

Sounds like he really could be the next Bachelor. Would he do it?

“It’s something that I’d have to think long and hard about. Just seeing myself on TV and talking about such personal things, it’s really hard to see that and have people know so much about me.”

But they already know a lot about him, so why not let them know more. Chris has plenty of fans just waiting to send in their applications. “People come up to me and they have nothing but positive things to say to me. “We love you, you are our favorite the whole season.” I’m amazed by how many people watch the show. People from from six to 86 recognize me — guys, girls. I can’t believe how far this show goes. I went down to the beach for a swim with my brother and my Dad. I’m coming out of the water and all of a sudden like half the beach is surrounding me, taking pictures for like half an hour. My brother and father were laughing at me. I’m posing with babies and stuff. I’m not a celebrity and I cannot believe this is happening to me. It’s very surreal.”

He’s not letting it get to his head. If you write him, you may actually get a call! “I think it’s extremely sweet that people have connected with me. I get letters in the mail. I call some of the people back, I write some of the people back. People are blown away when I actually call them and say, “Hey, this is Chris. Thank you very much for the letter.” They go, “Oh my God, is it really you?” I love it!”