Back to Ballet! Jennifer Garner and Violet Step Out (Photos)

The bespectacled mother and daughter head home.

It’s true what they say – your heart expands to contain more than enough love for all the children you have. Jennifer Garner‘s heart is even bigger now that she’s a mom of three; son Samuel Garner Affleck arrived just a few weeks ago.

But when you have more than one, you also have to make sure to give individual attention to each child. Although a new baby takes up a lot of time, it’s still possible to carve out time in your schedule to read a story to an older brother, take a big sister to the park while the baby naps in his stroller – or take your daughter to ballet class and marvel at how much she’s learned since she practiced her first plie.

It’s clear that oldest girl Violet appreciates the mom-daughter time – look at her smile! And Jen is looking terrific post-baby.

Have a look at these shots of the proud new mom of three and her ballerina!

  • The routine goes on 1 of 4
    The routine goes on
    Having three children makes it harder to juggle the daily schedule, but Jen knows what's important - and Violet's ballet classes are one of them.
  • One on one 2 of 4
    One on one
    Jen also knows the importance of giving each child some uninterrupted Mom time. She and Violet can talk on the way home from dance.
  • Covering up? 3 of 4
    Covering up?
    Even though her baby bump is gone, Jennifer seems to be making a point to cover her stomach. Don't worry, Jen - we don't mind if you're still carrying around a couple of extra pounds.
  • A pretty pair 4 of 4
    A pretty pair
    Despite her name, Violet is all in pink, right down to her glasses. Mom mixes it up with a blue shirt, comfortable brown slacks and a scarf.


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