Balloon Boy - It Was All A Hoax --Video


heene-family-wifeswap-boy-found-aliveShut the front door. Who are these people? The Heene family and their now famous “Balloon Boy”  were guests on Larry King and boy, did Falcon burst their bubble.

Pun Intended!

They were asked if Falcon heard everyone calling for him all over the neighborhood. Dad Heene relayed the question to Falcon and he said, ” You guys said, that, um, we did this for the show.”


Now did his parents want to blurt it out,  or was it supposed to be a secret? Either way, I as a parent of a six year old boy, was scared out of my mind for them today.

I just can’t believe it was all a hoax, that was rude and scary and wrong. Someone should get fired for that idea.