'Bama Belles' on TLC, 'Dexter' Season 5 Finale


bama-bellesGreat TV last night, with TLC’s Bama Belles and the Season 5 Finale of Dexter. The TLC series Bama Belles aired its second episode last night.  If you haven’t seen Bama Belles, the series is a little like the Real Housewives except theses ladies are a little more grounded on planet Earth!

The women on Bama Belles have some of the challenges most moms can relate to.  These are faced with challenges such as infertility, the economy and juggling careers with family life.

In last night’s episode of Bama Belles, “Two Bulls in a Pen”, Dakota comes home and reunites with the girls and Jana sees a fertility doctor.

The Dexter season finale aired Sunday on Showtime and if you don’t have Showtime, you’re still in luck! Famecrawler has the scoop for you on where you can watch Dexter season 5, episode 12 online for free.

Do you watch Dexter? The Showtime series follows forensics expert Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) who is secretly a serial killer of criminals, is the ultimate anti-hero! Dexter is on a mission to kill those criminals who have escaped the justice system. It’s weird but the series grips you and won’t let go!

Photo: BamaBelles/TLC